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Puppies from 1-А


Lenoks Yurgadan


It-Saladzhit Star Escort

Date of Birth:

31 August 2015

1 male and 2 females

Abu Al Fatih Tao Klarjeti

Home name is Abu


31 August 2015


Lives in Germany

He is a famely member and

a guardian of the private estate

Aka Mela Tao Klarjeti

Home name is Melasha


31 August 2015


Lives in Stryj, Ukraine

She is an athlete and a climber. 

Mel conquers mountain peaks with her owners

HD:A/A Elbow:0/0


Akira Tao Klarjeti

Home name is Kira


31 August 2015


Lives in Colorado, USA

Kira works in her specialty:

she protects a herd of purebred goats

living in a farm

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