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About us

Welcome to our kennel

    We are glad to welcome you in our kennel. We specialize in  Caucasian shepherd dogs. Our kennel is registered with the FCI in 2014, although we have known thise breed for almost 20 years.
     We use in breeding only healthy, functional dogs. We try to preserve their working qualities, which have been honed for centuries in the mountains of the Caucasus. Caucasian Shepherd is first of all independent, thinking, mentally balanced and enduring dog. All these qualities are necessarily taken into account when we selecting parental pairs.
     Our graduates successfully cope not only with the protection of private houses and enterprises, but also have perfectly proven themselves in the protection of livestock. The work of Caucasians at the flock is a tribute to tradition and therefore our special pride.
     The wisdom of many generations of Highlanders has created and preserved to this day the most valuable in this breed: courage, intelligence, ability to make decisions, power and devotion. If you need a serious guard and a reliable friend, come to us for a puppy. We will help you to see the features of each baby and to find the right one for you in temperament and abilities.


Ancestors of our dogs

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